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Personal Links

My Youtube Profile-AidenVP

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My DeviantArt-AidenVP


Web Design/ Coding Help

W3 Schools: This is an awesome website to learn about coding for websites. Not only do they have a ton of information about html, css, etc., but they also have editors that let you try out the code for yourself in each section. I've found this website to be very useful.

Lissa Explains It All: Also a great site for learning how to code. It's good for those who are just starting out with their website and offers information on things other than just the coding.


Reference/ Tools

Official Government Copyright Page: A site that everyone should be aware of for one reason or another.

Urban Fonts: I was able to get lots of free fonts from this site. They've got all kinds of fonts, most of which are free as far as I can tell.

Animal Drawing Practice: A college friend of mine whose into animation suggested this site.



World of Tales: I love this site! It lists all sorts of fairytales and folklore from different cultures and areas in the world. And I'm not just talking about the stories that you've probably heard about from Disney.